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One Step Back

Saturday arrived on the croupy cough of my son. I don’t remember him ever getting this cough the way my daughter does each illness. It is a ghastly sound that made us frantically call the doctor and go in for a visit the first time we heard it with my daughter. While it is not background noise, it is also not too alarming anymore.

My son seemed to be riding out this round of colds pretty well, but this morning heralded in a step back for the family. Not only was he clingy and coughing, but my daughter who only went back to school on Friday also was out of sorts. That one day really knocked her back.

My wife took the early morning shift, and for that I am very thankful. I wasn’t able to get myself to sleep until about 2 or 3 in the morning, so I was exhausted when the coughing started just before 6:00. I did get a morning in bed, and then my wife was off to her recording session.

What to do with two sick kids? The same thing we always do, at least for the last few days. They sat in recliners in our bedroom watching nature shows while I cleaned some more. If they stay ill much longer, the whole house may be cleaned!

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Fresh Start

Wednesday I was home with the kids. Originally, I thought it was going to be a normal Wednesday. My daughter, however, had a persistent fever, and my wife had a meeting she could not skip. I set up a day of working from home so that I could get something done while my daughter recuperated, but then my son’s nanny share partner informed us that their son was ill/food poisoned. Thus, I would be home with two children. In the mean time I had emailed work to let them know that I would be out and separately emailed some teachers to offer phone support during the day. One emailed me back reminding me that we didn’t start back until Thursday. Wow, that took some pressure off the situation.

Thursday was a day with both kids home. I used it to get the house clean. We have too much dust and too many germs floating around here. Got some fresh air in, got the floors and surfaces cleaned, and I even found some objects that had fallen behind dressers and changing tables many months or years ago.

My daughter seems to have been fever free all day, but my son ran a small fever in the morning. Once this cold is done and the house is fully clean, it will be a fresh start. How appropriate with the new year.

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A Clean Sweep

Mother’s Day, in our house, did not involve the mother much as she was out working with her students. I took the kids grocery shopping and then attempted to do a thorough cleaning of the house. In hind sight, that was foolish, but I tried.

I did get the upstairs bedrooms and the kids’ bathroom scrubbed and mopped. I swept the downstairs. If I keep at it tomorrow, I might get the rest done depending on my son’s sleep.

That was one of the factors that made it hard to get anything done today. Not only did he not really nap, but he also was very cranky all day. Though he tolerated it better, he still hit is limit with the vacuum and stood there screaming at it until I stopped. More surprisingly, though it should not be, was that he was upset by the clean room I was asking him to sleep in. His crib was the same, but the room did not have a dust menagerie to keep him company, and it smelled like Murphy’s Oil Soap.

When I was a kid, my whole family pitched in on the weekend and cleaned house. As the youngest, I am sure I was included in this before I could be of any use but still felt that I was contributing. Both kids got plenty of opportunity to do so during our day of cleaning. My son either walked around with the smaller broom that we got for my daughter or followed me around with my broom when I set it aside. “Dee, dee, dee,” he would say, but that is what he says about everything. In this case, I think it roughly translates to, “Dad, you keep leaving your broom around. You are lucky to have me here to bring it to you.”

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