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Her Tomato Soup?

Tuesday I sat in the evening spooning Campbell’s Tomato Soup with cubes of cheddar into my mouth. The cumulative lack of sleep plus a very trying day previously tipped me over the edge, and all day I felt the sore throat coming on. I sneaked upstairs when I got home to rest, and when my children came up with my wife for bath time, I got to hug them, share a really positive moment, and then head downstairs. I am on the next two nights, so a reprieve was in order. Plus I was sick.

I wanted my comfort food. I even walked to the grocery store to get it. I know Campbell’s is not the healthiest choice. It comes in plastic coated containers, it has lots of salt. Every time someone opens a container, an environmental fairy dies, but from my early childhood, this is what I eat when I don’t feel well. My archetype for what comfort food was set, and when the chips are down, that is where I return.

I already know one of my daughter’s similar comfort items. I have no idea how it will play out, but I am sure it will feature somehow. One time when she was sick, she was allowed to watch a movie on TV. This is a very rare occurrence; she gets almost no screen time in our house. We chose Microcosmos, a feature that shows bugs going about their daily lives with no narration. She took to the movie instantly, and now whenever she is ill, she asks for the bug movie. I love it because it is not overly dramatized, and it has no commentary to influence her (except for a musical soundtrack).

What other things that we do as a family are going to be the cornerstones of her future, and how will they overlap with my son’s? I am sure there will be plenty of unintentional pieces added, but I hope the regular interactions with exercise, gardening, reading, and other things I value will also feature in her constructed world.

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