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Chaos Pizza

Friday evening, our neighbors arrived with pizza and their three girls. We share dinners together now and then, and the kids hang out even more often. My daughter and their eldest are in the same class, and we can see their house from ours. Packing five kids and four adults around our dinner table is quite a squeeze, and the kids are quite boisterous together. It is a great break from the normal routine, and it is community.

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A panorama of the dance hall.

On Sunday I returned from a weekend near Bloomington, Indiana where I have attended a dance event for almost 20 years. During the weekend, I talk with friends, make new friends, camp, swim in a lake, find fossils, listen to music, dance, and many other things. All of these combine to make this weekend one of my favorite times of the year; it feeds my core person.

In time, perhaps next year, I plan to bring my children to this event. Because it is so close to the beginning of the school year, it is hard to get away as a family, but that might happen, too. I can’t wait to see my daughter discovering fossils, sleeping in her tent, listening to music, and most of all being welcomed by a community to which I am strongly connected.

I hope these thing become part of her core, too.

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I Count Forty-Three!

Today’s birthday party for my daughter was testament to the fact that my family is building community with other parents of young children. My quick and probably inaccurate count resulted in forty-three individuals ranging from a few months to the more sage and wise end of the spectrum. This turnout on a rainy day for an indoor party of four year-old and their younger siblings serves as an inoculation against loneliness. We do have a strong group of families, and my daughter was flying high today with so many of her friends in the house to play with her.

One of the fun features of today’s festivities was that my wife and I made the cake, from a box, and the icing, from scratch. It turned out yummy, and it was fun to do together.

We have finished clean up, and tomorrow we host my daughter’s preschool class’ parents for a potluck. Two parties in two days. Luckily this one will be late enough that it will just be adults.

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