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Sometimes It Is For Me

On Thursday, my daughter and I cooked and cooked. Mostly it was to make food for the family. Apple pie and curried lentils, potatoes, and squash. However, the pickled beets and eggs are for me. With fresh ginger, mustard seed, and hot peppers flavoring them, I am the only one in the family who will eat them.

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It Gets Better

Thursday was my second Thursday with the routine established. The day looked like this:

  • Got up early with kids, around 6:30, after my son had been awake since 5:30.
  • Got them changed/toileted, breakfasted, and ready to go. Even got a shower in, myself.
  • Walked my daughter to school with my son in the stroller. Took about 40 minutes to walk. She started grumbling, but then we started talking about the day. She forgot she was walking.
  • Took the T downtown with my son after dropping off my daughter. He walked and walked and walked.
  • Went to the aquarium and watched turtles, fish, and penguins. Loved the jellyfish.
  • Took the T back to pick up my daughter but got there too early. Headed to a park, and son took a short nap.
  • Picked up daughter, hopped back on the T, headed home.
  • Got a few last groceries on the way home.
  • Put son to bed after a short lunch.
  • Made apple pies, lentil dish that had everything from farm and garden in it, and started in on pickled beets.
  • Ate dinner including sharing it with our downstairs neighbors.
  • Bath and bed.
  • After kids were in bed at 7:15, I headed downstairs to our neighbors and played games.
  • After that I finished the beets and then washed mountains of dishes.

That was a full day, and it was great. This is why I am working part time at school. I am working full time at home on these days, and Thursday is the ideal. Throughout the afternoon, my daughter kept saying, “Daddy, I love you!” She had a good day, too.

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Something Good is Cooking

On Wednesday, my daughter had one-on-one time with my mom because my son was in his nanny share. This led to much attention and wonderful times. It included making a lasagna entirely by herself under the direction of her much loved grandma. She flourishes with my mom.

My daughter was named for my mother’s aunt who was a creative influence in her life. This aunt helped teach my mother art, cooking, gardening, and many other things. And now my mom is being that person for my daughter who is vibrantly alive and happy when my mom visits.

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Beet That

One of my good friends has a kick ball party on the Fourth each year, and I regularly am a complete wimp when it comes to my potluck contributions. This year, however, I was determined to do better and include my daughter in the cooking.

Looking in the fridge, I saw a half head of cabbage and beets from our farm share and punched those ingredients into Epicurious to see what I might have on hand. I settled on a cabbage and beet slaw recipe that I would modify with ingredients I had on hand.

I peeled the raw beets and sliced up the green onions before my daughter got to the kitchen. Peelers and sharp knives are not in her repertoire, yet. Together we measured out oil, balsamic vinegar and horseradish. We whisked them together, added the green onions and then fed the beets into the food processor to shred them. After adding the beets to the bowl, she watched as I cut up and cooked the cabbage briefly. My daughter then enjoyed helping mix all of the ingredients together.

Usually when she gets involved in a food project, she enjoys eating the result. This one, however, she was not too keen to try. Maybe it was just too purple. I thought it was pretty good for the first time with a recipe.



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