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A Day Well Spent

Saturday, the family went out to do some errands. We braved Target mid afternoon. Luckily it was raining, and that made it only hard to find parking and somewhat packed inside. On a nice day, that store is crawling with people on the weekend. With shoes returned and some other things taken care of, we headed to a much more fun location.

Artist & Craftsman Supply is one of my favorite stores. Unlike most art supply stores, the people there not only really know their stuff, they are not snobby about me not knowing my stuff. They work with all levels of artistic ability/knowledge, the store is amazingly well stocked, and they are even friendly there. Imagine, an unpretentious art supply store where all feel welcome and really helped. I love it! I could spend hours, maybe days, there. We even had a yummy dinner at Life Alive.

The two stores do have a connecting thread. A few days ago, I went to Target with my two kids on a mission to get new shoes for both and some socks for my four year-old daughter. Boy’s socks are dark, covered with sports or other “male” themes. Even more irritating are the girl’s socks. We already get my daughter her underwear from Hanna Anderson, not because we are too wealthy and have nowhere to throw our money, but because it is nearly impossible to find girl’s underwear that is not violently pink and sparkly or covered with Disney or other branding or both conditions simultaneously. While one might take pleasure in placing iconic gender-typing images in the line of fire for a potty training child, only the parents would take joy in the metaphorical results. The real results would be more media saturation for my daughter, Disney as intimate as can be. No thanks.

Back to socks. Can’t find any that I like, so I turned to the Internet. Not there either. Then I looked at Etsy and found some socks dyed in cool shades and patterns, and it dawned on me that I can do that, too. I can do it a heck of a lot less expensively than the $10 per pair listed online, as well. Even better, it can be an art project that we do together, and then my daughter will have a real connection to her clothes.

White, cotton socks at Target. Dyes and related materials at the art store. Hopefully we’ll get this project done on Sunday.

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