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That Mellon is Growing!

My daughter has a big head; well, it’s bigger than it was last year. Her bike helmet no longer fits. Her recent trip to the doctor for her annual checkup came away all good except getting a little more exercise into the routine. She does love running around and playing at the playground, but we can certainly have her walk and bike when we are going places rather than hitching a ride in the stroller. We have a nice walker/glider bike that she likes using, so this is easy. I hope to have her gliding along on her way to school, a half hour walk for me with the stroller. But her head is too big for her old helmet.

Today while my wife was busy, I took the kids to a bike store. I assumed it would be open by 11:00, but found that it would be closed for another hour when I showed up. We killed the time in a neat playground that we had not visited before. I have passed it in the summer, and there is a fabulous water section. I had forgotten to have my daughter pee before we left, so we hurried from there to a nearby grocery store, hit the bathroom, and made it to the bike store at the crack of noon.

There are two stores within a block of each other. One carries adult bikes and gear, and the other is dedicated to children’s bikes and oddities like tandem bikes. I got a new saddle for my bike at the first, and then we headed over to the kids’ store to check out our options.

I knew ahead of time that there would be the standard gendered options and that we would have to work around the pink ones. Sure enough, my daughter pointed them out, and I let her know that they were not an option. From the remaining ones which included white, black, blue, green, and red/orange, she chose the last one. I don’t know what it was that attracted her to this design, but it is certainly visible and thus a plus for safety. We also got some bike gloves that fit her. I dread the first real tumble from the bike, but the gloves may really help in that situation. She loves them and wore them, in the car, on the ride home.

This afternoon, my wife took her on a long ride. Hopefully we can keep pace with our growing daughter for some time yet.

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Divide and Conquer

 Today, with all members of the family fighting off the same cold, we decided to divide and conquer. I took my daughter on an all afternoon errands and shopping trip, and my wife kept our son home. He is probably the worst off of any of us right now. He is running a fever and is also teething.

One of the major goals of this shopping trip was to find gloves or mittens that actually fit our 3.5 year old daughter. It is exceedingly hard to find well-fitting gloves and mittens that small. Most of her winter hand wear engulf her hands and any thumbs or fingers are completely useless. The little mittens with no thumbs have been the only things that have ever stayed on and fit when she was younger. Her brother now wears them, and they stay on his hands, too.

We first stopped at Target where everyone else decided that this nice Saturday would be best spent. My daughter requested the extra big shopping cart with the two seats facing forward. Wow, are those things long and hard to steer around the kids’ clothing section. Unfortunately, the clothing has now moved fully into spring mode, and the poofy, pink girl’s clothing kept getting knocked off the rack by our extra big cart. I beat a hasty retread from the overly branded and Pepto Bismol section hoping to find some remnants of winter wear in the boy’s area. No luck there either. You would think even with this mild winter, New England stores would still have a rack of gloves for little kids.

After picking up other supplies, we headed over to Trader Joe’s for milk and bananas and then home to drop off supplies, take a potty break, and then head out again on our quest to find gloves. My daughter and wife had seen a rack of winter wear at the local grocery store, so after stopping at the hardware store to get other items on the list, we ducked in the grocery store. Most of the gloves were much too large for my daughter, but just as we were about to turn away, I spied a hat with a pair of gloves and mittens attached. They were exactly the right size. It is interesting that the two pairs of thumbless mittens that have served both kids well also came as sets with hats. Perhaps hat makers attach undersized gloves and mittens to their apparel to save money on the bundle, but they end up being just right for our needs.

We arrived home after a long walk during which my daughter proudly showed off her new gloves to anyone who would listen. 


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