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Grandma and Garden

On the way to the garden center.

Thursday was great. The day started with my son getting up early and me taking him downstairs where grandma took over. I went back to bed. What a luxury! After finally getting up and running around 8:00, I called around and found that the local nursery had a reasonable price on blueberry bushes. I got the garden cart out, and my kids and I pushed it to the garden center while my mom took pictures and accompanied us. We bought some blueberry bushes and supplies. After getting home, eating lunch, and taking naps, my daughter and I worked on planting the blueberry bushes. My son and mom joined us when they woke up, and we all planted some wildflower and sunflower seeds. It was a glorious day outside.

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Grandma to the Rescue

My wife and I both work part time during the school year, but right now we are full time in preparing for and delivering teacher in-service training at our schools. This, coupled with our daughter’s preschool not starting for a few weeks, puts us in a childcare bind.

Grandma to the rescue!

My mom has arrived to help out for the next three weeks, and it is an indescribable relief to have her here. The kids flourish in her care, she enjoys being with them, and my wife and I are freed up to do our jobs without feeling like we are totally abandoning our children.

Yay Grandma!

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Grandma Heaven

My daughter is so happy, her usual rapid pace of talking has taken on Olympic record speed. She is babbling and burbling with happiness. The source is being at her grandparents, and it is the activities and experiences she has with my mother. From exploring the rag bag for treasures to wear and turn into puppets and dolls to the constant washing of dishes and water play, my daughter is being loved and engaged in ways her tired, grumpy parents cannot do.

When I was walking the U. City Loop, I stopped in one of my favorite kid’s stores, City Sprouts, and a book just jumped off the shelf at me. It is perfect for my mom, and her birthday is just around the corner, so I got it for her.

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Hooray for Grandma

Grandma’s good, Grandma’s great, this is who we appreaciate!

This week in St. Louis has been wonderful, and one of the biggest pleasures I have is watching my mom and my daughter together. My mom is able to just be with my daughter in ways that I can’t as a primary caregiver. She also sees what my daughter is able to do and creates opportunities for her that I might not given the slow movement of development I see daily.

On the first day here, they planted some seeds and watched the fast growing “cat grass” sprout and get taller each day. Just today, my daughter asked for a needle and thread to sew on paper. My mom found the last remaining kid’s needle from my childhood and created a schoolhouse pattern at my daughter’s request. She happily washes dishes, makes freshly squeezed orange juice, and rakes leaves.

In other respects, my daughter pushes every boundary my wife and I have set for her, especially the ones around reverting to babyish behavior, incessant repetition of requests, and using things like sippy cups that she has graduated from using.

My mom is an amazing partner in navigating these things, holding firm when it is important and having flexibility for things at Grandma’s house.

Tomorrow, I get up early and return to Boston with my two kids and will happily greet my wife at the airport after a week of soloing (with much support from my mom!).

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