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A Moment of Grace Among Many

Today, my daughter was sitting with my father-in-law while he practiced some music. He uses an app on his phone to keep in tune, and anything iPhone related is a draw, close to an addiction, for my daughter. She loves the time she gets with her Saba to play on his phone. Neither my wife or I let her use ours, and I have stopped letting her use the iPad. I have no fear that she will acquire tech skills growing up in this house. Right now, she doesn’t need screen time; she only gets it when she is ill and lethargic, and then it is only watching Microcosmos, her favorite sick-time activity.

With my wife’s guidance, her dad took my daughter to her play room where my wife’s old keyboard has been transitioned into a toy. It was old, missing a few notes, and not meeting my wife’s needs. However, it is way more than most kid’s keyboards. Rose loves playing on it, and today was a highlight. Saba started playing a tune that my daughter would recognize, and this evolved into her singing Big, Big Star and him following along on the keyboard. After tooling around and finding different sounds, of which her favorite was organ, she started making up a song and playing (or he was, I couldn’t see). My daughter sings much of her day, and when given full attention, she will sing and perform with great gusto. There is nothing like the attention of a grandparent, and she shone–a moment of grace among many.

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