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In the Same Room

My children sleep in the same room and have done so for some time now. In the morning, my son wakes up between 6 and 6:30 and begins the day with a fairly low key babbling. This amps up eventually to a clear communication of desire to leave the crib and start the active part of the day. Screams, pacifier tossing, and banging the crib against the wall ensue if we don’t get to him in time.

My daughter sleeps through the earlier stages of this and then tries to calm him down as he winds up. This morning, she started by telling him about her friend the female astronaut who will take them on her rocket ship. When that didn’t hold his attention, she started singing songs.

When she decided that waiting for her color changing clock was not in the cards, my daughter just started yelling, “Mommy,” and my son joined in. With earplugs firmly in, my wife slept through this, so I got up and started the day earlier than I had wanted and grumpier than I should have been.

There are many benefits of the two of them sharing a room, but the amplification of noise in the morning is not one of them.

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Fill My Eyes

And in the morning when you fill my eyes

I knew that day I couldn’t do

no wrong, I couldn’t do

-Cat Stevens

At 5:30 my son wakes to the world. I am not ready to rise, but he is. If he is not taken from his crib, he will wake my daughter, and both will be much more grumpy for it. So I get up with him, and he fills my eyes. The time in the morning, once I get myself out of bed, is magical. If I didn’t get him up, I wouldn’t see him all day, and seeing him gives me that contact, that piece of my soul, for the day. We share breakfast, he watches me shave, we communicate without words. This is more real than anything else.

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Not Missing the Kids

Today and tomorrow, I am gong from work to evening events. In the past this would mean that I wouldn’t see my children from last night night until the morning after tomorrow. That is a long stretch to not see the kids and for them to not see me. It has happened before, but it is not fun. My daughter, after a spell like this, would ask for a while if she was going to see me the next day.

With our new response to the kids getting up around 6:00, I get to hang out in the morning and start their day with them. Even with me gone all day, I will have a dose of them to get me started. It is a fairly good time to be with them after initial grumpiness is past.

I am so thankful that we changed routines; I won’t miss my kids.

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