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A Clean Sweep

Mother’s Day, in our house, did not involve the mother much as she was out working with her students. I took the kids grocery shopping and then attempted to do a thorough cleaning of the house. In hind sight, that was foolish, but I tried.

I did get the upstairs bedrooms and the kids’ bathroom scrubbed and mopped. I swept the downstairs. If I keep at it tomorrow, I might get the rest done depending on my son’s sleep.

That was one of the factors that made it hard to get anything done today. Not only did he not really nap, but he also was very cranky all day. Though he tolerated it better, he still hit is limit with the vacuum and stood there screaming at it until I stopped. More surprisingly, though it should not be, was that he was upset by the clean room I was asking him to sleep in. His crib was the same, but the room did not have a dust menagerie to keep him company, and it smelled like Murphy’s Oil Soap.

When I was a kid, my whole family pitched in on the weekend and cleaned house. As the youngest, I am sure I was included in this before I could be of any use but still felt that I was contributing. Both kids got plenty of opportunity to do so during our day of cleaning. My son either walked around with the smaller broom that we got for my daughter or followed me around with my broom when I set it aside. “Dee, dee, dee,” he would say, but that is what he says about everything. In this case, I think it roughly translates to, “Dad, you keep leaving your broom around. You are lucky to have me here to bring it to you.”

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Mother’s Day: The Obvious and Beyond

To my mom. The work I do with my hands and heart flow from your wellspring. Gardening, art, music, hysterical laughter. Each time we are together, and especially when you are with my children, I see from a new vantage what you gave me. For this and so much more, thank you.

To my wife. You are an amazing partner in this crazy adventure of parenthood. You are an amazing mother. Our children are lucky to have you. It is that simple, and at the same time it is amazingly complex. Thank you.

To all the others who have been mother to me and to my children. To my teaching partner of many years in St. Louis, to my best friend’s mother who pulled my teeth, to my teachers, to my friends, to my loves, to my communities. You all held me in times of need and nurtured me. Thank you.

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It’s Not Fair, It’s Two Fairs!

Today, because of tomorrow’s busy schedule, was our unofficial Mother’s Day. I got up with the kids to give my wife a sleep in which lasted until almost 10:30 when I had to go to my daughter’s school to do my job selling stuff during the school fair.

Before that, shortly after my kids were stirring, the school across the street started setting up their fair. Yup, two fairs in one day. My daughter was glued to the window as they inflated two play structures right in front of our house. I got my son down for his nap before the music started blasting, and he continued his nap after I left.

My wife showed up with the kids at the end of my job, and we hung out at the fair for a while. However, the early morning and crowd of people finally wore me out, and I headed home with my son, who was also showing signs of needing some quiet.

Well, that is where our friendly neighborhood school fair really came into play. I got my son in bed, and shortly after someone grabbed the mike to shout about prizes and dropping prices of sale items. The blaring music seemed not to bother my son, but this woman, I think it is the same one each year, cut through his beginning nap and got him fussing.

I think I forget how difficult the afternoon is after the fair ends. Each year, we have had quite a disastrous aafternoon napping experience. One year they even had the speakers pointed right at our house instead of at the crowd. When I asked them to point them elsewhere, they tried to argue that the sound was better bounding off of my house. Needless to say, I insisted that being targeted by a sonic weapon was not the idea of neighborliness.

After we but the kids to bed, my wife and I are heading out to see a play/musical. Hope that is fair recognition of Mother’s Day.

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