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I’m Beat, Beat the Drum

Wednesday, I jumped on the train to head home after a very full day at work and found my daughter leading a music class with my son, the nanny, and the other boy in the nanny share. They were all playing instruments as my daughter sang her song. My son then started singing nonsense words and beating his drum to his own rhythm. Though somewhat exhausted from the day, I joined in on another drum; we have lots of drums. After the nanny and other child left, I continued playing instruments with my kids for quite a while. As hard as noise is after a day of work, they were having so much fun, I just had to join in.

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Mommy the Singer

Sunday afternoon, I took the kids downtown to see Mommy perform at Faneuil Hall. Her a cappella band had an extra long time block, so after my son’s nap we headed down. Two train rides later, we moseyed over and found the performance. My daughter told me during each song that she was going to run up and hug Mama before the next song, but then she got shy and ended up waiting for the break between sets. When my son could take no more, we headed out and stopped to watch a performer juggle and do other tricks.

I am very happy that my daughter has a mother who role models talent, performance in front of crowds, and all the other things that come with being part of a musical group.

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Saturday was Honk! day. I spent the morning with my writing group, and then I headed over to Davis Square with the kids to catch some awesome sights and sounds. I love that we regularly have the opportunity to broaden our kids’ horizons with these types of events just a few blocks away.

The second band looked like bumble bees. We were right next to the drums. It was loud!

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Bookended by Tears

On Monday, my daughter started her new music class. She had been so excited for quite a while; we even pass by the building where the class is held on the way home from her preschool, so she got to see it each day while school was still in session.

My wife and I now know that transitions to new spaces and people and even returning to familiar ones after a break are hard for our daughter. Monday was no exception. She had a very difficult time saying goodbye and finally did so through tears as she went off with the teacher to get some crayons. The teacher reported that these tears stopped as soon as I left.

While she was in class, I took my son in to school to keep working on a project and ended up getting back a bit early. I was soaked from walking through a downpour, and as I wrestled the stroller into the building, I heard my daughter crying. I took her from the person holding her and discovered that she was crying because the drum class had been too loud.

With some trepidation, I dropped her off Tuesday, but with our ritual five hugs and three kisses and then her two hugs and two kisses, she went right in and got started. I sit here writing this on Tuesday before I go to pick her up. Is the transition complete? What will I find when I get there?

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Summer Routine

Now that I am nearing the end of my school year, the summer stretches in front of the family. We are all on an academic schedule, so the summer offers the chance to change things up, but I find if there is no schedule, I don’t get to the things I want to. I also think the kids benefit from comfort of a routine, and that routine can be broken as needed.

There are some built in scheduled things for all of us. My daughter is attending a music class for a week, a soccer camp for a week, and her school for a week. On top of that, my wife and I have committed to getting the kids in the pool often. My son has a standing care day with our nanny share. I will have a professional development week in NYC, and my wife may also have a similar experience coming up really soon.

We have scheduled two trips to see family.

Amongst all that, we hope to take family adventures in the area to the beach and to hiking places. We hope to try out camping. We have lots of hopes. My wife and I have a long list of projects we would like to tackle.

Blink. The summer will be over! I remember as a kid thinking the summer lasted for a long time, and I remember when that perspective changed. Maybe it correlated with how school changed.

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Zombie Jamboree

This last weekend, my wife performed both Saturday and Sunday at Faneuil Hall. On top of several early wake ups, much housework, and many hours with the kids, we were living the Zombie Jamboree in a more zombified state than described in the song which my wife’s group covers.

My son is close to switching from two naps to one, and this makes his schedule completely random. With a weak attempt at a nap on Sunday, he was grumpy as we headed down to hear the music. Once we were settled in, he started nodding off and barely woke up when I moved the stroller across the rough cobble stones to a more shady location. We were very close to the speakers, but he slept the rest of that set and the entire next one. Amazingly, he awoke right as the last song ended.

While his outward behavior might be construed as his attitude toward a cappella music, it might also be that his comfort is great enough to allow him to relax into sleep. My daughter was also in a grumpy and tired state, so she sat on my legs (putting both of them to sleep in the process) and just leaned against me. This is not the hopping, bopping engagement in my wife’s music that one might hope for, but at least they are being exposed, and they are seeing my wife and her joy in performance.

And then we all went home to have a nap/quiet time as much for them as for me.

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A Moment of Grace Among Many

Today, my daughter was sitting with my father-in-law while he practiced some music. He uses an app on his phone to keep in tune, and anything iPhone related is a draw, close to an addiction, for my daughter. She loves the time she gets with her Saba to play on his phone. Neither my wife or I let her use ours, and I have stopped letting her use the iPad. I have no fear that she will acquire tech skills growing up in this house. Right now, she doesn’t need screen time; she only gets it when she is ill and lethargic, and then it is only watching Microcosmos, her favorite sick-time activity.

With my wife’s guidance, her dad took my daughter to her play room where my wife’s old keyboard has been transitioned into a toy. It was old, missing a few notes, and not meeting my wife’s needs. However, it is way more than most kid’s keyboards. Rose loves playing on it, and today was a highlight. Saba started playing a tune that my daughter would recognize, and this evolved into her singing Big, Big Star and him following along on the keyboard. After tooling around and finding different sounds, of which her favorite was organ, she started making up a song and playing (or he was, I couldn’t see). My daughter sings much of her day, and when given full attention, she will sing and perform with great gusto. There is nothing like the attention of a grandparent, and she shone–a moment of grace among many.

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