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My Medicine

Recently, I have been on a spate of house cleaning. It is one of the things that makes me feel productive and that I am turning a corner on something. Of course, the things I really should be focusing on are left undone, but I feel so much better about life that it is ok. A while back, I put together furniture and created a playroom in my former office. My wife and daughter roughly organized the toys in a bin organizer, and that work slowly devolved as my daughter stuffed each bin with pieces of paper on which she had drawn one mark and could never be parted from again. These precious papers obscured everything and were garnished liberally with sheets of unused stickers. Organizing those bins was on my wife and my shared list of things to do, but I could not take it anymore. The corner of my brain that is compulsively organized, and it by no means my whole brain, finally got frustrated with not being able to find anything in the play room. During one of my son’s naps recently, my daughter and I organized everything and even worked on letting go of some of those scraps to the recycle bin. I put temporary labels on the bins that will be replaced with words and pictures once the organization gets final approval and modification from my wife. Ahhhhhhh.


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On Thursday, normally a solo day anyway, I dropped my daughter off at school and brought my son home via stroller. It was a nice, sunny morning and a great time for him to meander as we headed home. Once back, I worked on anchoring all of the furniture in the playroom. Shelves, bin storage, and now the play kitchen that I moved in from the dining room are all mildly tip proof.

My son has always been upset at sounds from drills and vacuums. During the process of drilling holes and driving screws, he became acclimated to the drill sound. Later in the day I used the vacuum to clean up the rug in our living room, and it was clear there was no transference. Tears poured down his face.

I am not sure I can vacuum for several hours and put him through the trauma in the hopes that he gets past his fear. Someday he will grow out of it, and in the mean time I will just rarely vacuum in his presence.

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An Amazing Gift

Over this weekend, I am home alone. Hopefully my time won’t be spent running from kidnappers and engaging in slap-stick comedy accompanied by a look of shocked surprise.

Instead I have built a list of jobs that are hard to do with kids around. Sink faucets, toilet mechanisms, furniture building, and much more may happen. Already the furniture and contents of rooms are starting a slow, intricate dance around the house. I hope the last beat happens before Tuesday when the family is back; at that point, the house will hopefully be at least safe for children and hopefully much more.

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Time to Work on the Play Room

As the projects at school and attention to the downstairs unit starting to be more manageable, the time has come to return my attention to creating the playroom for the kids. Boxes of Ikea furniture are waiting for the space to be created before they are opened.

Of course the stuff that has to get out of the way is the rest of my office! This is a great opportunity to go through my stuff and reevaluate, weed, and slim down some more. The result is less stuff for me and a new play space for my kids. That is win-win.

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Tile Puzzle

You know those puzzles with movable tiles, the ones with one missing piece that allows the others to slide around to complete the pattern or picture. We are engaged in a house-sized version of that. We are moving my office into my wife’s office, moving the playroom into what was my office, and turning the old and small playroom into a reading and relaxing space. That last one is not too well thought out, but I am sure it will become something.

A slim shelf for the former playroom.

I consolidated and moved my wife’s bookshelves to create room for my new desk.

My desk as I put it together

My desk standing on its own three feet

I am psyched that my new view is the garden rather than my neighbors’ falling-down house.

More to come as the project progresses.

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That Rug Really Tied the Room Together


But in the end, the rug was what I did not get. Instead I rented a van early in the morning on Saturday and rushed off to Ikea to take advantage of the tax free weekend. The plan was to furnish our new playroom and get a desk for me as my wife and I combine offices. I had a long list of items to pick up, and I got them all except the rug.

Because of my early arrival, I had a parking spot only two spaces from the loading area. When I departed the store several hours later, not only was the entire lot full, but cars snaked back along the road for over a mile. Those poor folks. Even when they arrived, many of the shelves were already bare where they had held pallets of furniture only that morning.

Now there are piles of boxes around our house, and somehow in the next few weeks these boxes will become unpacked, the furniture put together, the contents of at least three rooms will tango through the house, and rooms will be transformed. And, yes, we will get a rug.

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A Trip to Sweden on a Rainy Day

Wednesday we were supposed to go visit a friend and spend the day on the beach, but with violent storms forecast, we searched for another idea. The early morning and petulant children made thinking of anything original a challenge. The Museum of Science and the Aquarium were guaranteed to be swamped with camp groups and tourists avoiding the same storms.

Suddenly my wife was inspired and suggested a trip to IKEA. The long car ride would give my son a chance to get the nap he was flat out refusing to have, and we could do some window shopping for the new playroom we are planning. My office will become the playroom, and I’ll join my wife in her office. Our plan is to get this done this summer, and we might just make it. We sure took a big step forward with this trip, and our children got out of the house during what was, indeed, torrential thunderstorms.

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