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Put a Sock in it.

Scene of the dyeing

I finally got around to the sock dyeing project that has been sitting, amongst all the other neglected ideas, in the dust-gathering piles in my office. I had the socks, the dyes, the bottles, the soda ash, and the rubber bands all ready.

Finally, with my departure Sunday afternoon for a week-long trip, the morning opened up as prime project time. I soaked socks and explained the process to my daughter. I did forget to get her gloves, so she declined to get her hands multi-colored though she did try squeezing a dye bottle for one pair of socks. She directed how she wanted the socks to be colored, and enjoyed the process. She tends to want to watch a new experience before trying it out herself, anyway. Next time I will have gloves and she may want to do more.

After one washing

The net result are some fun socks that lack the branding and mandatory pink and glitter that girls' socks have these days. They are also clothing that my daughter had input into the creative process for making them, so hopefully she will be excited about them.


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