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Travel: Do’s and Doughnuts

The family just finished a long trip to St. Louis and Seattle. We are readjusting to Boston time with varying degrees of success.

While my children do make some noise on the plane, I am usually pretty happy with how well they hold it together. This was especially true of our one year-old who did not sleep the entire leg from San Francisco to Boston. We touched down close to 11:00 P.M. and he did not sleep until we had him in bed at home.

20120102-142029.jpgDuring this trip and a few others, we have used a Go-Go-Baby Kidz carseat. It is a simple set of wheels and an expandable handle. The seat attaches through the forward facing seatbelt path and uses a ratchet to hold the device to the car seat. It is all very good except for some very sharp pieces around the ratchet and the very difficult release mechanism. If we were going to be using this more, I would go to the hardware store and get a new ratchet. This last trip, I managed to get two fairly deep cuts and had to wrangle the mechanism open too many times. Perhaps the newer versions have fixed this problem.

On another note, it constantly amazes me when I see parents feed their kids a box of doughnuts and then in a half hour start yelling at them to calm down. Invariably this happens once per trip.

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