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Cancerous Routine

At first it was lights out and a three songs. Then “Night Moon” had to be read. Helping fill the humidifiers became a must. Slowly more stuffed animals had to be in the bed for all to be right. Protestations of, “Too tight, too tight,” have to be uttered as the night diaper is going on. It is not too tight, scarily so. The light switch only operated by two year old hands, and now it has to be done a second time along with a final good night to the play phone. By the end of this routine, I think I am more tired than the kids. Soon, we will scale it back down and find some normalcy, but right now my son is in the midst of some kind of development that needs this structure around him.

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Busy and Tranquil

Today, one of my full days with the kids, was packed. I dropped my daughter off at preschool, did some work there attaching some blinds to a shelving unit, took my car to get some overdue emissions stickers updated, stopped by a bakery that I used to go to weekly when I worked at another school, rushed back to school to get my daughter, took a walk with the kids to the library and the local pasta store, made dinner, made bread, did laundry, handled the dinner/bath/bed routine solo, and more. Amidst all that, though, there were a few moments of calm. While the garage was working on my car, I took my son on a walk around a large lake/reservoir. There has been a significant amount of nature restoration on the lands surrounding the the water, and one side of the park, especially, is fairly shielded from traffic noise. He had his morning nap surrounded by cattails, lapping water, birds singing, and fresh air. In the afternoon upon our return from picking up my daughter, I took my son up for his afternoon nap and lay down on the couch. The sun was streaming in the windows, warming me and brightening the room. I awoke quite a while later. I feel like I accomplished enormous amounts today, but those breaks were vital to creating balance and not arriving at 9:00 feeling completely worn out.

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