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Solo Stretch

Wednesday begins a stretch of two to four evenings  and days of solo parenting. My wife is out of town through Friday evening and may be back for the bath and bed routine that night. However, she may not be, and then on Saturday at the end of my son’s second birthday party, she heads out to get our new car and probably won’t be back for the evening routine that night either. With my throat beginning to tickle, it could be an interesting stretch. This is what I signed up for and what I want. In the middle of a long-distance race, there is a point before the second wind when the body just hurts. After that point it is amazing. I have no idea where in the race I am, and this one is very long distance–perhaps 20 or so years long, but more often than not with a terrific partner.

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Off She Goes

My wife is off again on a trip, but this time it will have minimal real impact on our schedule. I am usually with the kids all day on Thursday anyway, and the only difference is perhaps soloing on Friday as well.

The kids, however, don’t perceive it the same. My daughter got herself wound up on Wednesday night about it, and adding this to her already strong tendency recently to wind herself up at night made the evening one of working with her to moderate her emotions and energy.

What really is no big change becomes a big deal through my children’s response to it.

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According to Plan

When does parenting, or anything for that matter, go according to plan. Thursday, however, went as according to plan as it could. It was the first day in which I was off from work, my daughter was in school, my wife was working into the evening, and my son was with me all day. This will be the usual Thursday, but since it is the first one, there is no usual about it.

However, it went off pretty much without a hitch. Drop off was easy, my son and I got back in time to meet with a contractor, we then walked and shopped for groceries, and pick up went well, too. I got my son home in time for his nap which went an amazing 3.5 hours! I had a work phone call during his nap and my daughter’s quiet time. Dinner was a bit unplanned and lame, but I was running out of gas as much as the kids.

I’m going to have to build up my all-day-with-kids stamina again.

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So Solo

Wednesday marked the end of my wife’s trip to NYC and my current stint solo parenting. Again, I give props to the many single parents out there! Wow, that was much.

It also happened to coincide with hectic work at school. Unfortunately this meant that I didn’t spend as much time with my children during this solo time that I would have if I hadn’t been going in to school.

Thus, I got the pleasure of chivvying children through the morning routine to get them out the door on time and then getting them back cranky and tired after their day away.

Overall, it has run smoothly. I am glad, however, that my wife will get home late tonight!

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