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The Garden Winds Down

The sunflowers have finally come down. I noticed that the smaller one was bent over and devoured. Because the corn was devoured the day before I was going to harvest the remaining ears, I decided to not let whatever had done the damage to come back and consume our last remaining sunflower. Many seeds had already fallen or been devoured by birds.

I was amazed at how hard the tall stem was and how heavy the base of the flower was. These were magnificent plants! Thursday, my daughter and I will remove the remaining seeds from the flower. This leaves us with two squash left on the vine. Perhaps they are ours; perhaps they belong to the animals. We shall see.

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Sunflower Win

The garden this year was pretty much a bust in terms of veggies harvested. Stunted carrots and beets notwithstanding, the three peas and three ears of corn along with the one ear of popcorn were meager return on weeding and watering. The three sunflowers that survived delivered one outstanding flower that grows bigger by the day and may even have some seeds for the birds to go wild on. The one we brought inside has proven very hardy and is still going strong, and the one still in bud gives promise of more days and weeks of bright flowering. Next year, I am going to plant a bunch of these all over! They are so tall, they have a majesty of their own. The rest of it needs a little rethinking.

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The Veggies of our Labors

Upon our return from St. Louis, my daughter and I found something (I am sure it was squirrels) had attacked our corn. One stalk was down, and one chewed up. That left three ears of the multi-colored corn left to harvest. Only one of them was close to being ready, but once something decides it has found food, there is no point in trying to let the rest of the crop ripen. So we got three ears from five stalks. They were majestic, tall stalks. We have yet to harvest the popcorn, but it has yet to be eaten.

The sunflowers, three of those survived, are flowering, too. They are so tall; Jack would look at them as a possible substitute for his beanstalk.

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That Was Fast!

It seems like yesterday, but it was a week or two when we planted these seeds during a playdate. Now they are pushing against the plastic cover and begging to get into the ground. I guess I know one of the things we will do over the weekend. Corn and sunflowers. Probably these are seeds best sown in the ground, but the fun of seeing them poke up through the soil is too great to pass. The peppers and squash have yet to pop up.


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