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Blame it on Teething

My son has been grumpy for the last couple days. We just blamed it on teething. It turns out he was sick, a fact I now know due to catching the cold.

He is in that amazing pre verbal language stage that seems to change daily and the new growth seems magical. On the other hand, if he could have told us his throat hurt, we might have been able to help him better.

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Teeth

Many nights recently, my son has awoken and immediately broken into blood-curdling screaming. There is no slow wind up, no whimpering. Just full-throttle screaming. He is teething.

During the day, he chews on his fingers, finds solace in frozen pacifiers and ice in a mesh teether, drools, and pulls on his ears. During the day, when it gets too much, he fusses until he is held and can rest his head on my shoulder.

During the night, he screams. Then, my daughter screams, and I want to join them. Instead my wife and I stumble through the act of getting them both back down to sleep and then return to bed ourselves often with only an hour or two left to sleep.

How was this a good evolutionary idea? I understand breast feeding would be rather difficult if babies were born with a full set of chompers, but this transition is brutal! I don’t have any other practical solutions to this dilemma, and I have no capacity to enact them even if I did.

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Staycation, too

My daughter's new toothbrush holder and cup.

Today was the second half of my staycation; well, it was the last third. After a very rough start to the day with my son teething as if he were a mutant shark, I got him off to his childcare while my wife took our daughter off to her preschool. Rattled and tired, I turned my attention to my task list which included packing. Tomorrow, I leave for my parents with both kids in tow. A week’s visit to St. Louis, a week for my wife to relax from our presence, and a week to have a major change of scenery.

Packing these days is much easier than even five months ago. There are no more bottles, only sippy cups for the one year-old. Some milk, but no formula. Some toys, some books, headphones for the almost four year-old. Very importantly, the ice holder and pain relief for the the teething kiddo. I just finished putting the last touches on the packing until tomorrow morning when I will stuff my daughter’s blanket and two plush animals in her backpack, toss my son’s pacifiers in the diaper bag, get them changed, and zoom out the door at the crack of dawn.

Besides packing, I did get to a few items on the list.

  • I looked over some work documents and gave feedback on them.
  • I installed a new wind chain on our front screen door that constantly gets grabbed by the wind and swung wide open. This bends the closer and makes the whole thing not work so well.
  • I fixed the porch light.

    This wind chain will hopefully keep the door from blowing down the street.

  • I finished going through my stack of old magazines and organizing the information from them I wanted.
  • I washed dishes
  • I did laundry
  • I cleared my office floor (a major staging area that never gets cleared)
  • I moved two bookshelves assessing the material on them and doing some judicious thinning out of my old teaching materials.
  • Put snow gear upstairs in storage

A very productive day. My daughter returned at 4:00, and she helped me with the last of the office cleanup. We then tried on some clothes I had taken out of storage, went and picked up my son, and got dinner going.

I am looking forward to this trip, minus the teething drama. It is the first time I am not transporting car seats, my son can walk, and both children are so much more capable then when I took them to St. Louis over winter break.

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