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It’s Time

I have envisioned making a clock to help my kids learn to tell time. I thought I’d make the hands have circles at the ends. Two circles of numbers would help with hours and minutes. Low and behold, this clock is already out there.  It is now on our wall.

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Chugging Along

It seems that a lot of the days are just chugging along. I am working on the office and playroom projects at home along with yardwork. I am working on big projects at school, too. Time is just passing along.

If I was not spending the time with my kids that I am, time would just pass, and I wouldn’t have memories of the things I do with them. I probably won’t have too many memories of the office and playroom or of the projects at school, but I hope that I hold onto those of my times with the family.

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This is the two hundred twenty-second consecutive daily post on this blog. I have met my goals of getting some writing done each day and of spending at least a moment in reflection on my parenting. Hopefully it has been fun for others to read, as well.

Tomorrow at this time, I will be in St. Louis after flying solo with both kids. My daughter is eagerly looking forward to spending time with her grandparents, her cousin, and her aunt. Each day she tells me, “Next day we are going to St. Louis,” at which point I review the days of the week.

We have used a calendar and a weekly dry erase planner to help my daughter get a handle on time and to help her with the excitement of events. I have recently forgotten to do this, so she doesn’t have her tool to help her. This morning, however, we went over the calendar again to help her understand.

She really gets minutes and days. Weeks and hours are less solid. She knows of months and years, but those are just words. Eons, millennia, and nanoseconds will have to come later.

222/365 is about %60. I have been blogging daily for almost two thirds of a year. Right now, I can’t wrap my head around what that means.

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I See Leaves of Green

My new book to read is Grow Great Grub. I hope to improve upon our gardening experience of last year– maybe not this year, but as an ongoing process. The peas, again, are showing up again. With the heat and cool, I have no idea what will happen with the beets and carrots, but if last year was any indicator, the carrots will be about an inch long. That did not dampen my daughter’s enthusiasm. She loved pulling them up and sharing them with anyone who visited.

I am realizing that my soil quality is terrible, and I hope to rectify that with the compost that we have been creating for some time.

There are plenty of other things to do to improve the crop yield, but that is not the real point. My real goal is to connect my children to the growth of life that happens in the spring, to the harvest, to the act of eating what one has grown. I want to show a different type of time; the one that measures from planting to harvest and whose demarcations fluidly move with the weather and seasons. Part of me observes the clock of work, of appointments, and of convenience. Part of me–my hands, my heart, my sight–also work in this other space.

The garden is just a focus and learning tool for this. Each day the Earth sends these messages. As I sit at this computer, dusk has fallen with darkness now almost complete. My neighbor’s enormous tree, covered with new leaves, captured my attention. The bright green lacework will be replaced by darker leaves creating an opaque screen. The timescape of plants runs through me and, hopefully, through me to my children.

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