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Bumble Bee

When I arrived home from work on Monday, my daughter greeted me with a game of pictionary. It ranged from drawing a very abstract shape and giving my wife and me three guesses. She then wrote a word on a hidden page and we had to guess it. Together, we evolved the game into my daughter drawing a picture, whispering it to me, and spelling it with my help. My wife then guessed the picture with some clues from my daughter and me.

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My Son: Keanu Reeves

“Whoa,” says my son, and I think ofBill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. “Whoa,” says my son, and I think ofThe Matrix. “Whoa,” says my son as he misses his target when sitting down and thumps to the floor.

“Noooooooooo,” yells my son as he tries out the word. He has been trying out the word for several days/weeks now. It is not just a short no, but a long drawn out no. He even says it when he wants what is offered; he just has to process this word that he finally has control over.

“Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok.” He is so cute walking around with his Joe Pesci imitation.

He is getting the words. Avocado, down, all gone, and others are emerging. It is magical and occasionally hilarious.

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Across the clouds I see my shadow fly

My son is on the cusp of communicating effectively. He has a few signs and a few words that he is beginning to use regularly. Food is one of his most reliable ones. After screaming in frustration, he will start banging his mouth with his fist. While it does convey meaning, there will be a time when he chooses to forgo the frustration and pain and just let us know he wants food. Thirsty, milk, tired, nap, more, and a few other signs are starting to appear with some regularity.

Equally exciting are the words. Yep, OK, and down are some of the ones that we can now determine. Mama and Papa, of course, are there. Of these, I love “down” which comes out more like “dang.”

Watching this language acquisition happen is a pleasure and a privilege. Daily, his mind unfolds and becomes more available to us. I am watching my son learn to fly.

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